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Allyson Lewis is a time management and productivity speaker.
She is the author of three books.

Recognized as an opinion leader, Allyson Lewis has been a guest on CNN, Bloomberg Information TV - she is a monthly guest columnist for MorningstarAdvisor.com and has appeared in a broad range of national publications such as Investors Business Daily, The Chicago Sun Times, The Los Angeles Times and Family Circle Magazine.

Her mission is to educate, motivate and inspire.


Allyson Lewis' primary Time Management Workshop is titled:

The "7 Minute" Revolution

 Time Management and Productivity Breakthroughs for Busy Business People

Available as a keynote presentation, 2 hour workshop, 4 hour workshop, or a full day training session.

Allyson Lewis will help you Rediscover your:
Time . Values . Priorities . Purpose . Goals

It’s time to revolutionize your life by turning talk into action. Life is about choices. If you want to be different tomorrow than you are today, then you must choose to be different.


Workshop Highlights
Target Audience
  • Learn how to focus your attention like a laser beam and accomplish more than you ever thought possible
  • Gain amazing insight into how your brain is hard-wired and how you can more effectively work with your strengths and tame your personal challenges
  • Receive 21 tangible time management tools to reclaim the minutes in your day
  • Increase your productivity with one piece of paper
  • Find out how breakthrough scientific discoveries can modify your daily work habits for sustained positive personal change
  • Unlock 3 steps to personal change
  • Leave with new knowledge, concrete tools and a 90 day game plan for your success
  • Senior Leadership Retreats
  • Corporate Teams
  • Salespeople
  • Business men & women
  • Executives
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • People with a vision to grow and accomplish


Are you ready for a “7 Minute” Revolution?



“I needed a Keynote speaker who could “deliver” for my Annual Mortgage Marketing Conference.  After reading “The Seven Minute Difference”, I immediately contacted Allyson. Fortunately for me, Allyson did not ONLY meet my expectations; she far exceeded them and my attendees are still raving about the impact she has made on their lives. It is rare to find someone who can combine insightful business philosophy with real life practical experience." 

-Colin Daymude CEO of Espleez, The Mortgage Training Academy, Author and Speaker


"With humor and flair, Allyson Lewis' The Seven Minute Difference spurs people to unlock their purpose, knowledge and passion, and as a result, transform their lives at work and at home. Full of ideas, methods, and suggestions it is a toolbox no one should be without."

- Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager and The Secret


To hire Allyson Lewis, contact Susan Naylor at 870.897.0845 or email her.


The Seven Minute Difference offers a series of proven ideas that you can use to bring about those important changes. Allyson will share with you some of her favorite Seven-Minute Ideas and the micro-actions that can bring those ideas to life. Allyson’s keynotes and workshops are filled with hundreds of specific, concrete, actionable ideas that you can begin to implement immediately in your daily life.

You'll learn specific techniques for:

  • Discovering your purpose
  • Changing your life through seven minute ideas and micro-actions
  • Choosing success
  • Exceeding your customers' expectations
  • Building momentum into your business
  • Breaking through to your destiny
  • Translating life-changing decisions into life-changing actions

The demand for this type of training is enormous. Allyson has been teaching this material all across the country. People want to be different tomorrow than they are today. They want to believe change can happen to them.

Allyson Lewis has worked as a professional motivational, time management and productivity speaker since 1993, but she is also continuing her work as a senior executive with a major US brokerage firm.

She believes talk is cheap.

Results are much tougher to show. The action steps and strategies detailed in this workshop helped The Lewis/Naylor Group more than double their business. Those are remarkable results.

Now, she’s ready to deliver results for you and your audiences.



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